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Sharing is Scientific!

Chemistry in Kindergarten?!?! Don't worry! This lesson is based on real chemistry, but it is really about the power of SHARING.

We have developed a fun and inexpensive bundle of great activities based on the book, H2O. The teaching bundle is available on Teachers Pay Teachers and has received positive reviews from teachers. We know you'll love it too.

First demo image of Sharing is Scientific! Second demo image of Sharing is Scientific! Third demo image of Sharing is Scientific!

To teach this lesson, simply show your students the included Powerpoint presentation or the video found in the link above. This lesson uses a fun illustrated story to teach the power of sharing with basic chemistry concepts. This pack comes with 10 hands-on activities.

Watch an Animated Version of the Whole Book Before you Decide

Grab a Copy of H2O in Paperback Format

You get a free copy of the book with the teaching resources above, but it's always nice to have a paperback copy on your shelf too.

H2O Paperback
H2O Paperback
Follow along as a proton and his little sister share with Oxygen to make water.